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As always, a good day was had by all at our annual golf event.

Thank you to all for participating!











Updated Investment research document

Our updated investment proposition is now available. Please contact us if you would like to see the full content or discuss with one of our advisers.


New Model Adviser Top 100 2016

We have just been recognised again as one of the leading professional financial planning practices within the UK.

In fact only 8 represent Scotland (with 4 firms based in Glasgow)

This award is based on firms that have the following attributes:

• Business plan

• Client service agreement/ongoing proposition

• Use of technology

• Profitability and funds under management

The business continues to grow due to increasing awareness on pension freedoms and the public’s confidence in dealing with financial firms.

Thank you for your continued support and trust.


About IAS

What our clients have to say

Our latest interview with Alistair Creevy

Golf Day 2016, Dullatur Golf Club

A big thank you to those who participated in this year’s event.

Worthy prize winners and we trust that everybody enjoyed the day.

Prize winners were as follows:


Nearest The Pin: 

David Randall


Guest Prizes:      

Runner up with 32 points:  Harvey Murray

Champion with 38 points:  Charlie Hone


Client Prizes:       

3rd place with 32 points:  Adrian Bowie

Runner up with 35 points:  Don Lawrie

Champion with 38 points:  Fraser Hardie


Congratulations to all and look forward to next year’s event!


Golf Winner Fraser Hardie 1

VouchedFor top 250 financial advisers

On Sunday 10th April the Sunday Times published their first supplement listing the Top 250 IFAs in the UK based on reviews on the independent consumer ratings website VouchedFor.co.uk. We are proud, but not at all surprised, to say that Alistair Creevy was featured.

To be included Alistair was highly recommended by 44 of his clients. All had rated his services over 4 stars out of 5, which is a fantastic achievement. We’d like to thank all of the clients who took the time to share their positive feedback on VouchedFor.co.uk.

Comments Adam Price, Founder of VouchedFor.co.uk: “At VouchedFor we’re passionate about helping people find great financial and legal advice. At certain points in life the majority of us would benefit from expert help with complex issues such as pension planning, securing a mortgage or for advice on a legal issue. Listing professionals alongside verified reviews from their existing clients makes it easy to find a respected and trusted expert like Alistair to help. We would like to congratulate Alistair on being one of the Top 250 – it’s a great endorsement of the service Alistair provides.

You can see his reviews by going to https://www.vouchedfor.co.uk/financial-advisor-ifa/glasgow/194-alistair-creevy

Client Golf Day 2015

Our annual client golf day took place on Friday 3 July at Dullatur Golf Club.

A great day was had by all, and winners were as follows:



Winner              Brian McLure – 33

Runner up        Gary Telfer – 33

3rd Place           Tom Wright – 31 (17) / Hamish Rodger – 31 (16)



Winner              Joe Dunion – 38

Runner up        Scott McGuiness – 35

3rd Place           Ken Forrest -33 (16) / Charlie Hone  – 33 (15) /  Kenny Cochrane – 33 (14)



Winner              Gary Telfer & Joe Dunion – 70

Runner up         Ken Forrest & Jim Smart – 65


Nearest Pin                              Jim Russell


Longest Drive                           Scott McGuiness



Joe Dunion & Gary Telfer

Joe Dunion & Gary Telfer

Brian McLure

Brian McLure


Budget 2015

You are no doubt aware that, last week, Chancellor George Osborne delivered his final Budget before this year’s General Election.

As always, we will discuss any effects on your financial plans at your next review, or we will be in touch sooner if we feel that any immediate action should be considered.

The main changes that may affect you are as follows:


– For 2015/16, the personal allowance will be £10,600 and the higher rate threshold will be £42,385, as announced last December.

– These will increase to £10,800 and £42,700 respectively, in 2016/17. Basic rate taxpayers will be better off by £40. Higher rate taxpayers will be £103 better off.

– In 2017/18 they will increase further to £11,000 and £43,300. Basic rate taxpayers will be better off by a further £40. Higher rate taxpayers will be a further £160 better off.

– Mr Osborne reaffirmed his commitment to eventually achieving a higher rate threshold of £50,000.

– Tax returns are to be replaced by digital tax accounts that will work “just like an online bank account.” Further details have yet to be revealed on exactly how this will work.


– As previously announced, the subscription limit for 2015/2016 will be £15,240 The full limit can be invested into cash, stocks and shares or any combination of the two.

– As announced in the Autumn Statement, ISAs may retain their tax-free status when passed to a spouse or civil partner following death. From 6 April 2015, a surviving spouse or civil partner of an ISA account holder will benefit from an additional allowance equal to the value of their deceased spouse or civil partner’s ISA holdings. This applies to deaths on or after 3 December 2014.

– Withdrawals from cash ISAs will be able to be paid back to the account before the end of the same tax year, without reducing the investor’s subscription limit further.

– A ‘Help to Buy ISA’ will be launched during Autumn 2015. This will enable savings of up to £200 per month, plus an initial £1,000 towards a first home. The Government will boost savings by 25% (up to £3,000, turning £12,000 saved into £15,000) with the boost paid when a property is purchased.


– It was announced that In addition to ISAs, the first £1,000 of savings interest each year will be tax-free (for basic rate taxpayers) from April 2016.

– For higher rate taxpayers, this threshold is reduced to £500 per year.

– This allowance is not available to additional rate taxpayers.


– The lifetime allowance will remain at £1.25 million for 2015/2016.

– It will however be reduced to £1 million for 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. There will be a new round of transitional protection, for those with pension rights already worth over £1 million. So far no further details have been provided of how this protection will work.

– The lifetime allowance will then be index-linked in line with the consumer prices index (CPI) from 2018/2019.

– The annual allowance will remain at £40,000 for 2015/2016 and there are no plans at present to alter this.

– There will be no change to tax relief for member contributions, which will continue to be based on the individual’s highest marginal rate.

– It is proposed that from April 2016, annuitants will be able to sell their annuity to a commercial third party, without incurring the punitive tax charges that would currently apply.

Inheritance Tax

– No changes were announced regarding the current rates, thresholds or exemptions

– It was however announced that there would be a consultation on the use of Deeds of Variation, which are often used after an individual’s death to legally alter the Will in order to pay beneficiaries in a more tax-efficient way.

In conclusion, this was a far less surprising Budget than last year’s, with some welcome news for savers and first time buyers, and some less welcome news for those with larger pension pots.

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