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The financial advice sector has changed significantly over the last 10 years with the advent of the Retail Distribution Review and the banks' withdrawal of their investment advice services. Both of these have increased demand for our services and shown consumers how important it is that they receive quality advice through trusted advisers.

Consumers were fed up being sold high charged insurance products without any structure or views on risk profile, tax efficiency, costs, future income requirements or estate planning.

The introduction of fund supermarkets changed this with the benefit of online facilities and the ability to switch funds without cost or paperwork.

Independent Advisers (Scotland) Ltd introduced the Wealth Management service to clients in 2009 and currently manages over £100 million of client assets on platforms through various tax wrappers and investment solutions.

What is IAS Portfolio and Wealth Management Service?

IAS Portfolio and Wealth Management Service is an online service that allows us to manage your entire portfolio of investments from one web page, regardless of where these investments are held. You might have a pension, an ISA and a number of direct investments with different fund managers or stocks and shares. With IAS Portfolio and Wealth Management Service, all of these can be viewed in one place, and managed simply and effectively as part of one overall plan to meet your financial goals and objectives.

What does IAS Portfolio and Wealth Management Service do for you?

Our IAS Portfolio and Wealth Management Service is designed to make your money work harder, look after your needs better and make life easier for you by:

• Maximising the tax efficiency of your portfolio.

• Securing a better deal for you by accessing discounted rates for annual management charges on a range of investment funds.

• Helping you to achieve your investment potential, and ensuring you're in the best position to maintain it on an ongoing basis.

• Helping you to manage change effectively

• Providing answers, when you need them, to the questions you most want to ask – how much is my portfolio worth? How well is my portfolio performing? What do I need to do next?

• Making monitoring your portfolio even easier.

Making your money work harder

• Maximise tax efficiency

• Secure a better deal

• Achieve your investment potential

Maximise tax efficiency

With so many choices and options available to you that claim to maximise tax efficiency, it's difficult to ensure that your financial portfolio is set up in the most tax-efficient way. We look at your savings and investment portfolio as a whole which means we're in a position to help you make the best of these many choices and options. All in a way that's tailored to suit your own personal financial needs. We have access to a range of different tax-efficient products through which to invest your money, and using these we can help you make the most of your tax allowances and avoid paying unnecessary tax. Whether it's minimising inheritance tax or choosing the best way to invest your money now, ask us how we can help. (Legislation and tax are liable to charge in future. Please remember that tax relief may be altered and its value depends on your circumstances).

Secure a better deal

Through IAS Portfolio and Wealth Management Service we are able to offer excellent discounts on charges for many funds available when compared to standard market rates. Our service has an overall charging structure that encourages flexibility in your investment strategy and rewards you as your money grows.

We have minimised the charges applicable when you first invest your money through IAS Portfolio investments and there are no fees or charges for switching between investment funds. This means that there's no drain on your cash if we have to adjust your investment strategy when market conditions or your investment goals change.

As your savings and investments grow, you can benefit from an effective reduction in charges on your portfolio, through various discounts negotiated for you. Our aim wherever possible is to secure a better deal for you so you have more cash to invest.

It's also worth bearing in mind that, if you want to keep some cash reserves in your portfolio, our service included an interest earning cash account. You will have instant access to your cash when you need it, allowing you to take advantage and make investments when markets are at their most favourable.

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